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2 MAJOR reasons why people struggle to lose weight and keep it off

There are 3 forces at play when it comes to your inability to lose weight or keep it off, I’m going to talk about 2 of them today…the 2 which I call the external influencers.

You see, there are 2 major industries invested in the fact that you fail. Now before I start, this isn’t a big conspiracy theory. I don’t believe these companies are necessarily evil. I believe that market forces have led us to this position and it’s simply a result of supply and demand.

What are these 2 industries?

  • The Food Industry
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry.

What’s the biggest problem the food industry has?

That your appetite is finite.

So they try to make food as nutritional empty as possible so it never fills you up whilst being as addictive as possible so you never stop eating it. The slogan “Once you pop you can’t stop” is literally true.

Now many people don’t realise this but there is a HUGE amount of research which goes in to food design. Most food these days is actually designed in a lab. Labs where scientists hook people up with a load of electrodes stuck to their skull and then feed them their latest delicacy. What they are looking for is a response in the brain as similar to that produced by heroin as possible. 


Because heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and they know if they can get close to that they’re on to a winner.

What to know something chilling…

They beat Heroin years ago.

In a study done by Connecticut College they gave rats the choice of 2 food types, one was Morphine (which is what heroin becomes straight after injection) the other Oreos. The rats favoured the Oreos…every time!

And we are advertising this stuff to our children

The problem with all this scientifically designed, nutrient empty food, apart from the fact you can’t stop eating it? 

It’s really bad for you. 

It’s often been manipulated by scientists to the point where it’s really not recognisable as food, (at least not for humans…perhaps for robots) and it does a lot of damage to your biology as you eat it. So over time, it makes you really ill

“Ah ha, but don’t worry” say the Pharmaceutical companies at this point, “we’ve got just the thing for you…you just need to take this (hugely expensive) pill for the rest of your life.”

Which while it may cure your immediate problem leads to a whole host of other problems down the line.

When you consider the advertising budgets and the lobbying power these 2 industries have, you can see why you’re up against it before you even start.

Over the least few years I’ve helped literally dozens of people who’ve tried EVERYTHING lose 10 kgs in 6 week and then keep it off without ever counting calories, points or macros, going hungry or spending hours in the gym.

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