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We Need To Talk About Porn (It’s Probably Ruining Your Life)

Well I never thought I’d find myself writing that title, but the simple fact is yes, if you regularly use porn it’s probably destroying your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Before we go into how, I need to clear one thing up, I’m talking about porn here…not masturbation or sex. These things are very different and there are some specific reasons why porn is potentially harmful… so let’s not get the 2 confused.

Now before we get into this I need to talk about dopamine…or the molecule of more.

Dopamine is the molecule which in many ways makes life worth living. It’s that buzz we get when we experience something new. It drives us towards novelty and growth…to seek more in life 

Now the dopamine system is designed to trigger occasionally when you do something really awesome (as its highly addictive). It’s primary job is to give you the motivation to keep moving. 

In ancestral terms, it rewards you when you getup off your ass and go find a new cave, or a new herd of antelope to hunt, or a new mate.

In modern terms it’s what gives you the buzz when you land a new trick in your favourite extreme sport, when your team scores a goal…it’s what makes you seek novelty and makes you want more. 

Ok so what does this have to do with porn?

Well dopamine is also responsible for driving us to seek sexual partners. Once we find one and actually do the deed we get a dopamine reward to ensure we want to repeat this activity. As it’s obviously advantageous to the propagation of the species that we do more of it!

When you watch porn you get the same dopamine response as you do when you have sex. The brain literally thinks you’re having sex with the person on the screen. 

The problem with porn is that you’re only a click away from watching a different person having sex. So in one porn watching session your brain thinks it’s having sex with a load of different  people…

….and rewards you with a dopamine hit for each different one.

This totally overrides the brains natural safety system, as I doubt there’s many people in the world who have had real sex with 20+ people in 30 mins, and floods the brain with dopamine. (Which also changes the structure of your brain to make it more addicted to dopamine)

This much dopamine causes the dopamine receptors to de-sensitise. So now it takes more and more stimulation (dopamine) to provoke the same response. Not just in porn but in life in general. How do you get more stimulation? 

More novelty…

So now the next time you sit down in front of your computer tissues in hand, rather than just watching normal porn videos you have to seek more novelty to get off. This escalates and escalates and before you know it you’re watching someone getting off with a donkey. Despite the fact that you have zero interest in real life donkeys.

Now this desensitisation of your dopamine receptors means nothing in life excites you anymore. Unless it releases a huge amount of dopamine…

This puts you into a state where you are totally apathetic about EVERYTHING and literally don’t want to do anything. You have no energy and no lust for life, it literally sucks the juice out of life for you (open intended!). As nothing now gives you that dopamine high.

What’s this got to do with you? 

Well most adventurous souls are by default dopamine junkies. It’s why we’re into adventurous stuff in the first place as it releases a tonne of Dopamine every time we head out on our next adventure. This tends to mean we seek dopamine in many other aspects of life. Which leaves us particularly vulnerable to porn addiction and it’s massive dopamine highs.

Secondly, despite the fact that our adventures trigger a release of dopamine, they don’t come anywhere near to the dopamine rush of having sex with 20+ people in 30 mins. So if your receptors have been dulled by a lot of porn use you simply stop getting any sort of rush from almost anything else. 

No buzz = No motivation.

So you stop doing it or certainly don’t do it with anywhere near the amount of passion and drive as you should be.

So if you’re struggling to find the motivation you once had maybe ask yourself some tough questions. The good news is simply by giving up you can ofter see a reversal of these symptoms in a few weeks or months. Leaving you suddenly wondering where all this energy and lust for life came from.

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Improving Performance After 40 – ONLY One Variable Matters

Improve Kitesurf

Improving Performance After 40 In One Simple Step.

“It doesn’t matter!” I practically screamed at him.

For 3 days now I’d been bombarded with an endless barrage of questions…

Where should I be pointing the board? Where exactly should my hands be? Is my hip position correct? Does my bum look big in this wetsuit…?

Well ok not so much the last (it did) but you get the picture…

On the 3rd day I couldn’t take it any longer and my normal calm and smiling persona was replaced momentarily by the rage monster.

Improving Performance

But I stand by my answer…

My student at the time was obsessed with the technical know how, the minute details of kitesurfing. The exact angles and amount of force to be applied each and every situation.

And it’s perfectly normal, very often we try to conquer a skill like kitesurfing with knowledge.

Interestingly the most effective way I’ve EVER found of teaching, is to cut away as much of the technical stuff as possible. To instead allow students to be present in their bodies. To have an image of what they are trying to achieve, enable them to feel what actually doing it would feel like and then forget about the technical stuff, the how, and let their body do it’s stuff.


Effective…Unbelievably so.

I’d give them a VERY basic idea often just a few words of minimal explanation. Then point out someone who was doing it right and ask them to feel what it would feel like if they were doing what that person was doing.  

If they couldn’t get it, I’d often actually put them in the position so they could. 

Having done this I’d send them out and tell them to sing their favourite song at the top of their voice with an idiot grin plastered on their face. Or some other exercise designed to force them to focus on ANYTHING except what it was they were doing.

The Result? 

They flew!

The obvious extension of this for me is the idea that coaching isn’t about how much technical information I can give someone. It’s about creating an environment where they feel comfortable enough to forget all that knowledge, relax back into their body and allow their body to take over.

Still not convinced?

Think about when you’re riding a wave and really in flow. Are you thinking about the technical details of what you’re doing? 


Are you fully in the moment, in flow, just doing it, effortlessly?


Look, even if technical information did work, I couldn’t tell you exactly what to do. As a very simple example, your arms are a different length to mine, you have a different range of flexibility in your hips. So the technical information I would need to give you each time would be subtly different. Way too subtle for my brain to process.

Look at you will at the golf swing. The amount of words which has been written about The Perfect Golf Swing could fill 1000 libraries. Yet when you analyse the swings of 2 different golfers  they are often TOTALLY different. Even if physically the golfers themselves appear pretty similar.

It’s not about the technical knowledge it’s about doing what works for YOUR body.

In short most people focus on the software…the detailed technical how.

Where they should be looking at the hardware.

If you can make this hardware faster, stronger and more resistant to injury, give it more stamina and faster recovery, if you can do all that…

Then you can’t help but improve in everything you do.

If you’re looking to upgrade your hardware join me in our FREE group here >>

(it’s not on Facebook! 😉)

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Upgraded Performance After 40 – The Easy Road

When it comes to upgraded performance after 40 there are 2 roads you can choose. The difficult and well worn one or the easy but less well travelled road.

“God damn, piece of junk…”

That little spinning circle appeared again and my entire computer froze…

I looked longingly towards the nearest window, visualising using it as a launch point for the over sized paper weight my laptop had become.

When your computer slows down, you have 2 options. You can contact all the companies which write software for it and ask them to improve the code, to make it more elegant and hence more efficient. So it requires less processing power to run.  

Good Luck With That One!

Software development is expensive, slow and difficult to do, taking teams of highly skilled developers years to do.

Alternatively you could just plug in a bit of new memory, change up the motherboard and improve the CPU.

It’s much cheaper, it’s fast and easy to do if you know what you’re doing and once it’s done your computer will run like greased lightning.

Why am I talking about this?

I went to a conference on high performance at work. They talked about how to increase employee learning and performance using the latest neuroscience, advanced learning techniques and understanding peoples true motivations…

The food they served at lunch time was absolute shit.

I was doing work for a top sports team (you’ve heard of them) they wanted me to improve the players mindset to push their players to even higher levels of performance on the pitch. 

Looking in their changing rooms they were full of traditional deodorants, shower gels and other endocrine disruptors. All of which increase oestrogen and disrupt testosterone balance. Definitely not what sportsmen or women want.

In short, they were all focussing on the software…whilst totally ignoring the hardware.

And it’s something I see being repeated across all walks of life…all industries.

The simplest most effective way to improve your performance in ANYTHING is to…

Upgrade The Hardware.

Want to improve your employees performance and raise the bottom line of your business? Get rid of the vending machines in the office and improve the food served at the canteen. Want to improve your teams performance on the pitch…look at their habits off the pitch first.

By working on the hardware first it gives people much more bandwidth to install any software they like…and have that software run properly.

Your brain like your body is a biological machine. 

  • If your brain doesn’t have the resources to create the chemicals to ensure neurons fire effectively. 
  • If it lacks the building blocks to make myelin. The stuff which coats your neurons and allows them to fire faster and more accurately.
  • If your brain is inflamed so neurons fire slower and with less potential so any message is much more likely to get lost.
  • If your body lacks the hormones to grow, to give you energy, to power your muscles and your brain. 

I don’t care what software you try to install on it…


Once their hardware has been upgraded most of my clients see such huge performance increases they don’t really care about the software. 

But if they do, we can now take the time to really install software which works in concert with their newfound hardware and takes their performance to stellar levels.

But without that hardware, any software we install is like trying to run the Googleplex on a ZX Spectrum….it might run but you’ll be seeing a lot of that spinning wheel.

upgraded performance after 40
Want more time to do the things you love?

So if you want to improve your performance in ANYTHING…

  • Want to earn more and work less.
  • Want to have more time to do what you love.
  • Want do it all better than you ever thought possible…

Start with the hardware…it’s easier, faster, much simpler to maintain and once you have it set up, you can run any fancy software you want on it.

I’ve written a book called “Post 40 Secrets” where I show you exactly how to upgrade your hardware so you can perform like your 20 when you’re 40, 50 or 60 +, it’s free and you can grab a copy here >>


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Improve Physical Performance After 40 Playing Computer Games

You might think it’s obvious, after a tough day at work you’re going to have a worse than usual session on the water or on the slopes afterwards. But what if I told you there was a way you could improve physical performance after 40 by playing computer games?

What you may not realise is just how closely related those two things are.

In a study by S. Macora, subjects sat and played a simple and fairly mind numbing (I’ve played them) computer game for 90 minutes. The game was ridiculously simple. Shapes or letters appeared on a screen and subjects had to press a button depending on what they are shown.

Easy right?

Well yes, but the point is that you have to pay attention for 90 minutes.

What’s incredible is that after these 90 minutes were up, the subjects reached physical exhaustion 15% sooner in an all out cycling test.

Improve Physical Performance After 40

The implications of this study are huge and indeed are being investigated by the British military. Who are looking for a way of extending physical endurance by subjecting candidates to repeated “brain endurance training.” Thus building mental and by implication physical endurance. (It’s not currently known if this works in the other direction so to speak)

But the possibilities if it does are pretty amazing. Meaning that by increasing concentration and focus we can also build physical endurance.

The more immediate takeaway for us is to leave a gap between heavy mental work and our sessions.

Or don’t do your accounts just before you do your favourite sport.

I’ve written a book called “Post 40 Secrets” where I walk you through you in how to upgrade yourself so you can perform like your 20 when you’re 40, 50 or 60 +, it’s free and you can grab your copy here >>

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How To Perform Better At EVERYTHING – Your 2 Brains

You were born with 2 brains. One of them holds the secret to enable you to perform better at everything…

The other one sucks..big time.

The awesome brain I call the animal brain, the sucky one, the human brain.

The animal brain is incredible at pretty much everything, it’s faster, more accurate and requires much less looking after than the human brain. It is however a shy and timid beast.

The good news is you have your own animal brain…

Unfortunately you also possess the human brain.

Perform Better At EVERYTHING

The animal brain is our instinctive brain…

The brain we share with lizards. It includes not just parts of the actual brain but also the nervous system and any intelligence held within our body, muscle memory and the like.

It’s responsible for all our instinctive actions, the actions which happen without you thinking about them and thus have very little control over.

The withdrawal reflex when you put your finger in a fire.

The instinctive flinch when someone raises their fist to hit you.

The uncontrollable laughter when your mate smacks himself full in the face whilst trying to pull his wetsuit on (well maybe not, but I for one don’t have much control over this one).

It does it’s work under the hood and we have very little access to the controlling mechanism.

Your human brain is your rational mind. This is the part of the brain that we use for planning ahead, for rationalising, for analysing past events and predicting future consequences, the inner critic.

Now, each of these brains has a separate connection to each sense (except the sense of smell, but that’s not relevant to our discussion here). So from your eyes you have one connection running up to the human brain and one connection running down to the animal brain.

The important thing is this: The animal brain connection response time is 10 times faster than the human brain connection response time.


Because your human brain has to think about its response.

All that awesome technology that goes in to making the human mind the most powerful supercomputer in the known universe has to swing into action.

It has to workout what the incoming information means, pass it through various filters, determine what it means to you now, come up with an appropriate response and send the response back to you, so you can do something about it.

The animal brain doesn’t do that. Whenever an incoming stimulus matches the correct pattern the appropriate response is automatically fired.

No thought, no hesitation.

It’s Hardwired.

And thank God it is

In a survival situation where every split second counts this is crucial.

So to gain true mastery of any skill we have to transfer its processing from the human brain to the animal brain (thus speeding up it’s processing by a factor of 10) and making the whole thing automatic so we do it on autopilot.

First off though we need to get one thing straight…

Your human brain doesn’t trust your animal brain.

It thinks it’s a bit of an idiot.

The human brain likes to think it’s very intelligent because of it’s higher reasoning capacity. It loves technical, results based, how to, style information. It wants detailed instructions telling it EXACTLY what to do in every single situation.

It then uses this technical know how to browbeat the animal brain, constantly telling it what it should be doing. You experience this when you’re learning a new skill.

It’s that constant voice in your head saying.

“Ok keep your eye on what your doing, dummy…”

“And watch out for that other person over there…”

“Keep your knees bent…”

“God damn! You T***, why can’t you just do it right!?”

The problem is when your human brain is commanding the animal brain like this, your animal brain doesn’t perform very well, it crumples under the pressure.

Compare and contrast that experience to changing gear in a car.

The first time you tried changing gear (if you’re anything like me) it seemed like an impossible task. There’s all these different things to do, in the correct order, coordinated over feet, eyes and arms and you’ve got a split second to do all of it, whilst keeping your eyes on the road.

Your human brain was constantly on at you to “do this, don’t forget that, push the clutch you idiot,” and as as result you got stressed out and the whole experience felt clunky as you waited for the human brain to tell you what to do next.

Now, if you’ve been driving a while, I bet you can’t break it down into its separate parts. It has become one action that you do not think about. You human brain does not get involved. It’s learned to trust the animal brain on this one and as a result you perform the task effortlessly.

And if you do try and think about it, and I challenge you to do this (make sure you’re on a quiet, wide road at the time)  often the action doesn’t feel natural at all.

When you’re on a roll, in the zone, deep in the flow state, lost in the moment. Just doing it…

You’re not thinking about what you are doing AT ALL.

Your animal brain has taken over and you’re operating on instinct alone. When we leave the animal brain to just get on with it…

It does really well,

So what we’re actually trying to do when we’re teaching you a new sport is to get your human brain to shut up. To stop it feeding this information, these endless instructions and criticisms to the animal brain…and just let it get on with it.

“Ok great,” you might be saying, “but when changing gear for the first time I wanted to have the human brain telling me what to do. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue what to do in the first place.”

Yup I’m right with you.

And herein lies the paradox at the heart of peak performance.

We need to try really hard and then not try at all

You see, I’m not saying that all that technical information is of no use…

In fact I would advise you to swot up on as much technical knowledge as you can BEFORE you start.

Watch all the YouTube video’s you can, visualise your move over and over, have a perfect picture in your head of what you are trying to achieve, feed the human brain and let it transmit this knowledge (osmosis style) to the animal brain.

But when you actually start to do whatever it is, forget it all and let the inner animal do it’s job…believe me, it’s much better at whatever you’re doing than you are.

Interested to know more?

I’ve written a free book where I delve in to this and a load of other stuff in much more detail to enable you to perform like you’re 20 when you’re 40, 50 or 60+, you can grab your free copy here >>

See you on the water,


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Perform Better After 40 Than You Did At 20

When I first started getting serious about optimal human performance and wanted to ensure I could perform better after 40 than I currently did, I had no idea where to start.

So the first place I went was my doctors, after all, who knows more about health? 

I asked him ”Doc, I feel ok, but I want to feel amazing, can you help?”

My doctor looked at me and said, “Ok great, what symptoms do you have?” 

“Hmmm…nothing really I guess”

“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you young man.” 

(I was 25 at the time!)

I must have looked pretty disappointed as he went on to tell me something which has stuck with me all these years. 

”As doctors we are only trained to cure sickness, you get ill, you come to us, we fix you. But if you’re not sick there’s nothing we can do.

We have a model of what is called health care when in fact it’s sickness care. Health care would be ensuring people never got sick in the first place! How’s this relevant? Well…

Most of us peak in our natural performance between the ages of 15 – 25. Some of us, the athletes and those who look after themselves or win the genetic lottery manage to stay there a bit longer, maybe up to 30.

After which it’s generally a long, slow decline towards death…”

“Cheery thought huh?”

“What most people don’t realise is, this isn’t inevitable. In fact there are some people who seem to totally avoid this decline altogether. It can certainly be prolonged long after what is currently considered natural.”

I thought of the various athletes I knew who were considered outliers as they were considerably older than the norm and still dominating their game.

Tom Brady the 43 year old star quarterback and superstar of the NFL being a prime example.

perform better after 40

“You see, declining performance in ALL areas is a process of death by 1000 cuts. We eat crap, we neglect sleep, we work too hard and for too long, we party too much, we don’t exercise or over exercise, we spend too much time being stressed or don’t apply the right kinds of stress to the body.

In short we abuse our bodies which slowly, slowly, slowly get worn down as a result.

So by the time most of us reach 30, we are operating at 50% of our full potential, at most.”

Then he flashed a grin at me and said…“That’s where I come in,

It’s at about this stage people start coming to see me, lack of energy, can’t sleep, gaining weight, feeling tired, depression. If they’re unlucky it might be some industrial disease, CFS, IBS or something else with a name. It might be simpler, just not being as fit as they feel they should be or not being able to bring it like they used to.

There’s still not a lot we can do as doctors at this stage as they generally don’t have any medical symptoms for us to work with.

So they start to self medicate.

They drink coffee to wake them up in the morning, alcohol to knock themselves out in the evening and energy drinks to get through the day.

They throw down painkillers, start doing crash diets which, although they may provide temporary relief, actually throw the body into greater chaos. Further reducing their long term performance by adding a few more cuts to those 1000 we talked about earlier.

The insidious problem here is, all their friends are showing similar symptoms as well. So they think their complaints are normal and chalk it up to old age.

One of the major problems in the western world today is the belief symptoms are normal and simply a sign of growing old. I’m telling you after 30 years as a doctor, symptoms are common in our western world…they are NEVER normal. It’s just, we pretty much ALL suffer from them and so believe they are.”

“Wow,” I thought this is interesting. So I asked, 

“Ok, now you come to mention it, I’ve been noticing I’m not as energetic as I used to be. I struggle more at the gym and on the water. I don’t sleep as well, I get bloated after eating and I’m starting to put on a few pounds. Do you think this means I’m not performing as well as I could be?”

“Young man…” he said, looking me up and down, “I believe you are currently operating at somewhere around 50% of your true potential…”

“Holy Cow!”

I was the healthiest person I knew!

He continued, “Right now you have 2 choices. You can carry on as you are and continue this inevitable, slow decline into death or do something about it and take your performance back up to 100%.”

“Is that even possible?” I said.

“Oh God yes…

Think of your body like a car, a high performance sports car.

If you take this car and put crappy fuel in it, drive it like a maniac, crash it a few times and never take it for a service or to see a mechanic, in 20 years it’ll be ready for the scrap heap.

But if you take this car and put a new engine in, replace all the parts with new ones and lovingly restore the body work, you can restore it to its former glory. What’s more because technology has advanced in those 20 years, it can actually be rebuilt better.

Biology works in exactly the same way, but it’s easier because it does all the work for you. You just have to give it the inputs it needs to do its job…which is actually a lot simpler than people think.”

I go over those inputs and walk you through exactly how you can use them to rejuvenate your biology, knocking years off your biological age in my latest book “Post 40 Secrets”

You can grab your free copy here >>

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How Giving Up Booze Nearly Killed Me…

Giving up booze is often touted as the miracle cure, for me it turned into something quite different…

A Journey Into One Mans Dysfunction.

I hadn’t drunk alcohol in 6 months…

and I felt terrible for it.

Sure I hadn’t suffered the hangovers, but I’d developed something much worse… 

Before I gave up the bottle I was working 16 hour days and doing the work of 6 people. 

I thought my ability to do this consistently was a sign of my high performance lifestyle. I was eating well, exercising plenty, taking handfuls of supplements and following the advise of a bunch of Peak Performance gurus, I thought I was Bulletproof.

Now the fact that I was sleeping for around 4 hours a night, waking up with my stomach in knots and my mind racing only forced to reinforce this fact in my misguided mind. 

I was resilient and could take it.

I knew however, I still had one crutch. I’d go out most weeks, get absolutely smashed and then spend the next few days feeling terrible. I realised if I wanted to be truly high performance this habit had to go. So I gave up.

Giving Up Booze

Suddenly I started falling asleep the instant my head hit the pillow, didn’t suffer the apathy and depression of hangovers and had a TONNE of energy…

Well that all sounds great Sam, well done…

And that’s exactly what I thought, but…

Let’s Explore The True Depths Of My Dysfunctionality.

What did I use this new found energy for?

  • Did I go kitesurfing and set out on crazy adventures like I really wanted to? 
  • Did I use it to spend more time with friends? 
  • Did I maybe just use it to read more and feed my brain? 

Of course not…

I used it to work even harder!

I was now doing the work of 8 people…not only was I a high performance human being I was now a high performance human being who didn’t drink…how incredible was I? Just look at me you mere mortals as I run around from 4 am to 12 am and never stop…

What a perfect example of a High Performance Human Being….

What An Idiot!

The short story is giving up booze drove me towards burnout even faster….it gave me the energy to bugger myself up properly! 

And for that I am actually grateful. Had my journey towards burnout been slower I’d still most likely be living that way now.

Now funnily enough the message I want you to take from this post isn’t that giving up booze is bad, when I actually sorted my life out this proved to be one of the most empowering steps I’ve ever taken, but instead to highlight my fundamental problem with the world of high performance at the moment.

Nootropics, bio hacks, handfuls of supplements…all these are great if you have the fundamental foundations to build on…ie a healthy biology and a healthy lifestyle which supports high performance. 

Mainly one which combines ample recovery time in-between your bouts of high performance.

If you don’t have these you’re just…

Putting Rocket Fuel In A Skoda.

And can just sit back and watch as the poor vehicle shakes itself apart when you put your foot on the gas.

The key here is to build a lifestyle of high performance first. And that doesn’t mean running out and ordering all the latest nootropics. The most important aspect of high performance isn’t high performance itself is how you recover from and prepare for your next bout of high performance. 

Just like a top class athlete knows the time between training sessions is where the magic happens (as this is where your muscles grow and your brain lays down new neural pathways) so the same is true of high performance. We must learn to recover effectively, to prepare the body for its next bout of high performance.

And the way we do that? By switching off, powering down, chilling out and giving our body time to do the heavy lifting it needs.

I’ve written a book called “Post 40 Secrets” where I walk you through how to upgrade yourself so you can perform like your 20 when you’re 40, 50 or 60 +, it’s free and you can grab your copy here >>