Turn Your Team Into A Pack

And Create A Workplace People Will Bounce Out Of Bed To Work In

  • Increased Initiative and Buy In
  • Higher Productivity
  • Less Sick Days
  • Service Your Customers Want To Experience
  • Move from burnout to passion, vitality and energy for your job.
  • Increase your engagement due to higher bandwidth
  • Reduce employee stress and duress whilst getting better results.
  • Turn Friction into Cohesion
  • Understand your business, yourself and your team dynamics perfectly and so get the most out of them
  • Understand both sides of the coin, so employees understand and appreciate the role of the leader, and the leaders understand the concerns of their employees.
  • Manage the remote work force and maintain your team dynamic at a distance.
  • Gain buy in from your people by increasing their trust and loyalty in you.
  • Better Bottom Line


Most businesses resemble a bus, with all the wheels pointing in different directions. So when the driver (The CEO) puts their foot on the pedal, the bus doesn’t move. The misaligned wheels represent different factors pulling in diffferent directions this could be your people who are in the wrong job, under utilised, wasted talent, approaching burnout and not engaged, sick days, hating their job and actively sabotaging.

By matching people perfectly to their position based on inherent strengths which we identify, each individual will find a job a job they love and by default perform better because we performa better atwaht were good at theyll engage engage more, love their job more, be more satisified, bouce out of bed to get to work and perform better in their role, so the team works VERY cohesively and your life as CEO is much easier. And you as a CEO understands the impact your style of leadershp has on your team and how to wield it better to gain traction and get frictionless results.

We’ll help you to understand your team role preference and that of your colleagues and then use that information to optimise team performance. Experiential, fun and engaging team exercises in a paradise setting to highlight, explore and optimise team dynamics, communication and leadership.

A typical exercise would be, working with the natural resources of the finca using interaction with the horses to teach you these lessons in a safe, fun and dynamic environment, which will have been specifically tailored to your unique team dynamics.

Taking the lessons learned from the work with the horses, we’ll apply them to your business so you go home with a one page document detailing how to continue playeing to the strengtshs you had in place, ulitize resources more efficiently, identify glaring holes, missed opportunities, under-utilised resources, and people in the wrong position so the wheels on your business are aligned and forward motion is effortless.

One Pager

  • Belbin Wheel Team Strengths Identified
  • Recommendations for their business issues

More and more businesses are realising that the way they look after their employees has a direct impact on their bottom line. Whether it be overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, stress, mental health issues or simply the number of sick days taken, corporations need to look after the wellbeing of their employees if they are to thrive.

Happy employees equals more productive, engaged employees.

The fact is there are some very simple measures every business can take to skyrocket the happiness and productivity of their employees. Using cutting edge science and the latest in biohacking techniques I can show you how to implement these changes in your business so your retention and productivity goes through the roof whilst sick days plummet.

If you’re interested in having us come in and speak to you and your employees about exactly how to do this or bring your team on one of our experiences and have us do it for you…just get in touch and we’ll set it up.