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Why You Shouldn’t Be Counting Calories

We all understand the basic model of dieting…eat less calories than you burn. Simple…

  • Simple
  • Easy To Remember
  • Easy To Calculate

And downright ineffective to the point of being wrong!

Check out the study I reference:

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In a study called Effect of Dietary Protein Content on Weight Gain, Energy Expenditure, and Body Composition During Overeating: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Subjects were spilt into 3 groups and fed a high calorie diet (the aim was to gain weight)

All subjects were split into three groups which ate different amount of protein and fat.

1 group was given low protein and high fat, another group medium of both and the final group high protein and low fat.

Crucially they all ate the exact same amount of calories.

So if calories are all that matter they should all gain the same amount of weight.

In actual fact the low protein group gained half the weight of the high protein group, the weight they gained was also different in some groups it was all fat, in others a mix of lean muscle and fat…so what?

Well clearly It’s not just about calories. Something else is going on. 

This isn’t me advocating a low protein diet there are much more efficient ways to lose weight but it does highlight the point that it’s not all about calories…and in fact I would argue if you’re counting calories at all you’re looking at the wrong markers but that’s a post for another day!

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